September 21, 2023

The Dallas Cowboys have always been a powerhouse team in the NFL, and their roster is filled with talented players who excel on the field. One such player who has caught the attention of fans and analysts alike is Cooper Rush, the backup quarterback for the Cowboys. Rush’s journey in the NFL has been nothing short of remarkable, and his performances have proven that he is a valuable asset for the team.

Cooper Rush’s Path to the NFL : Dallas Cowboys

Cooper Rush’s journey to the NFL started in 2017 when he was signed by the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. Despite going undrafted, Rush showcased his skills during the preseason and earned a spot on the Cowboys’ roster. From there, he continued to work hard and improve his game, eventually earning the trust of the coaching staff.

Dallas Cowboys

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Cooper Rush’s Net Worth and Contract : Dallas Cowboys

As Rush’s career progressed, so did his financial status. According to reports, Rush currently has a net worth of $7 million as of 2023. This is a testament to his success in the league and the value he brings to the Cowboys’ roster.

In addition to his net worth, Rush also signed a two-year contract extension with the Cowboys worth $5 million in the offseason. The contract included a $1,250,000 signing bonus, $2,750,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $2,500,000. This contract solidifies Rush’s position with the team and showcases the confidence the Cowboys have in his abilities.

Cooper Rush’s Performance in the 2022 NFL Season : Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

In the 2022 NFL season, Cooper Rush had the opportunity to showcase his skills as the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. With Dak Prescott as the starter, Rush stepped in when needed and proved his worth on the field.

Rush appeared in nine games during the season, throwing for 1,051 yards on 94 passes with five touchdowns. His performance was particularly impressive in the five games he started in place of an injured Prescott, where he led the team to a 4-1 record. Rush displayed excellent decision-making skills, throwing only three interceptions throughout the season.

Overall, Rush’s statistics for the 2022 NFL season demonstrate his ability to perform at a high level when given the opportunity. With a pass completion rate of 58%, he showed accuracy and efficiency in his passing game.

Cooper Rush’s Career Stats : Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Cooper Rush’s career in the NFL spans six years, and he has accumulated impressive statistics over this period. In a total of 16 games, Rush has thrown for 1,475 yards and eight touchdowns on 125 passes, with a pass completion rate of 59%. Additionally, he has showcased his versatility by rushing for 11 yards on 20 carries.

These career stats highlight Rush’s consistency and ability to contribute to the team’s success. He has proven himself to be a reliable backup quarterback who can step up when needed and make plays for the Cowboys. Read More Mini News : U.S. Legislators Urge Joe Biden to Address 195-Year Green Card Backlog for Indians

Cooper Rush: A Valuable Asset to the Dallas Cowboys

Cooper Rush’s performances on the field have solidified his role as a valuable asset to the Dallas Cowboys. His ability to step in and perform at a high level when called upon has earned him the respect of his teammates and coaching staff.

Rush’s success can be attributed to his dedication and hard work. He has continuously improved his game and honed his skills, making him a reliable option for the Cowboys. His decision-making abilities, accuracy, and efficiency in the passing game have been crucial to the team’s success.

As the 2023 NFL season approaches, Cooper Rush has the opportunity to further establish himself as a valuable asset for the Dallas Cowboys. With two remaining preseason games, he can continue to showcase his talents and boost his chances of attaining more game time during the regular season.


In conclusion, Cooper Rush’s rise in the NFL has been remarkable. From being an undrafted free agent to becoming a valuable asset for the Dallas Cowboys, Rush has proven himself time and time again. His dedication, hard work, and impressive performances have earned him a place on the Cowboys’ roster and the respect of fans and analysts alike. As the 2023 NFL season unfolds, all eyes will be on Rush as he continues to contribute to the success of the Dallas Cowboys.

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